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Radio Kansas Summer '18 Schedule

By Ken Baker, Radio Kansas Manager

As the summer completes we've seen the restoration of live news to our midday schedule. For most of the time before I took over as manager in 2009, Radio Kansas offered morning classics, news at noon and classics ‘til ATC. This schedule resulted in our most successful era of service! During this period our Midday, news program was as long as 90 minutes. We think there’s a greater logic to a single hour at noon, but NPR didn’t offer us an option for a single hour until this spring!

As with any schedule change, this is undertaken for the sake of superior service to the public. We know, however that there will be those who are disappointed. We’ll actually lose less than 45 minutes of classical per day, as the noon hour already had Kansas and national newscasts. The classical feature The Composer’s Datebook will stay where it is in the noon hour, too. We’ll retain 9 hours of classical each weekday. Missed goals and slow response at fundraiser suggest classical fans wish to be responsible for fewer hours of our bills.

We’re also restoring the local folk music show All Strings Attached! Former Morning Edition Producer Jay Huber comes out of retirement to bring back our award-winning local show as Mike Flynn ends The Folk Sampler. As before, All Strings Attached will focus especially on Kansas artists and national artists coming to Kansas soon! We’ll also get a chance to honor requests for more jazz Saturday nights, even as Piano Jazz concludes its run later this summer.

Our request of listeners is unchanged: Please support the programming you use. We’re simply returning to the schedule developed by listeners during our period of greatest growth  - now that suitable programming is finally available!

Any schedule adjustment is just an experiment. If news fans do not help us document superior service, we’ll have to switch back! Please don’t be tempted as a classical fan to withhold a pledge because we’re serving others for a while. Such diversity of service is a key tenet of public broadcasting and is legally required of us! To send a message that the loss of 10% of our classical day has affected you, just pledge 10% less than usual and we’ll get the message! Not pledging at all would simply make us rely even more on news fans and you can imagine where that leads!
So, please help us celebrate our return to a schedule that better sustains both our classical and our news! Enjoy Here & Now and let the staff of the show know what you think!