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Fundraiser Canceled - the Great Experiment

from station manager Ken Baker

This year Radio Kansas celebrates its 40th year. I’ve been here 30 years in one stretch (about 5 before that), and I’ve been manager for 10. In all that time, listeners have convinced me that our programming mix is right, our service is valued, and a day of fundraiser is never as good as a day of programming. I have no higher ambition for my career than to help you take fundraisers off the air for good.

If you’ve been listening to Radio Kansas over the last couple of weeks, you may have heard something ear-catching: we’ve canceled our fall fundraiser!

In order to serve you as best we can, we’re canceling all major interruptions for fundraising, and instead, will only come to you during our normal breaks to ask for your help. We’re calling this effort:


We’re setting new fundraising records in some categories by moving our fundraising behind the scenes this season. If you haven’t yet pledged for uninterrupted programming, send the message that you’re looking forward to having NPR News and Classical music all season, just as you expect every day.

So, why is Radio Kansas experimenting like this and trying to show the industry a new way? We heard this season of public radio stations planning pledge breaks as long as 14 minutes.
We think there’s a better way, but only your pledge can prove we’re right!

The Great Experiment is as simple as it sounds: Other non-profs get folks to respond on the web and by mail, so why not us? Our pledge to you is that we’ll use our normal break opportunities rather than talk over the program content. Rather than us take 30 or 60 seconds to talk about the details of this weekend’s Celtic Connections or Tech Nation, we’ll use that time to let you know what our pledging incentive is today, or we’ll have a quick “radio play” dramatizing why someone should pledge for the first time!

The actual program content and timing — our daily fare — will remain untouched. We hope that’s good enough to earn your pledge!

We further pledge to you that even these brief reminders will be heard only in shows that still need contributions. As each show meets its budget, even these reminders will move to other shows!  Your help is critical. Don’t for a moment consider leaving this for others to decide. Vote with your pledge today. Success means we’ll never again break format to raise funds. That too, is our pledge.

Thank you for your support.